Laravel Queues Are Powerful

Learn how to use the queue system to make your applications faster and more reliable while reducing running costs.

Over the years, I worked on projects that heavily relied on asynchronous task execution (Vapor, Forge & Envoyer). I also worked with hundreds of Laravel community members to solve problems involving the queue system. Along the way, I contributed to enhancing the system by adding new features, fixing bugs, and improving performance.

In August 2020, I released the first edition of this book. In which I shared everything I know about the queue system in Laravel. Fast forward to 2022, several Laravel releases came out, and more usage patterns were discovered.

This second edition was completely rewritten to be more insightful to first-time queue system explorers and long-time professionals. It includes extra challenges, in-depth guides, and diagrams that will give you the information you need to make educated decisions about how to best use the queue system in your projects.

β€” Mohamed Said
Laravel core team member

Table of Contents

Introduction to Queues

  • The Queue System
  • Queues in Laravel
  • The Advantages of Using Queues


  • Sending Email Verification Messages
  • High Priority Jobs
  • Retrying Failed Jobs
  • Configuring Automatic Retries
  • Canceling Abandoned Orders
  • Sending Webhooks
  • Provisioning a Forge Server
  • Canceling a Conference
  • Preventing a Double Refund
  • Preventing a Double Refund With Unique Jobs
  • Bulk Refunding Invoices
  • Selling Conference Tickets
  • Spike Detection
  • Processing Uploaded Videos
  • Sending Monthly Invoices
  • Controlling The Rate of Job Execution
  • Dealing With API Rate Limits
  • Dealing With an Unstable Service
  • Provisioning a Serverless Database
  • Generating Complex Reports
  • FIFO Queues
  • Dispatching Event Listeners to Queue
  • Sending Notifications in the Queue
  • Dynamic Queue Consumption
  • Customizing The Job Payload

A Guide to Running and Managing Queues

  • How Laravel Dispatches Jobs
  • Creation of The Job Payload
  • How Workers Work
  • Choosing the Right Machine Configuration
  • Keeping the Workers Running
  • Scalability of The Queue System
  • Scaling With Laravel Horizon
  • Choosing The Right Queue Driver
  • Handling Queues on Deployments
  • Designing Reliable Queued Jobs
  • Managing The State
  • Dealing With Failure
  • Dispatching Large Batches


  • Worker Configurations
  • Job Configurations
  • Connection Configurations
  • Horizon Configurations
  • Built-in Middleware
  • Job Interfaces

Praise from Readers

"Mohamed has a deep knowledge of Laravel and all of its systems. He is a valued, trusted resource in the Laravel community."

β€” Taylor Otwell

"Ever since he started the Diving Laravel project, I've been impressed by Mohamed's ability to take complex ideas and distill them for the average Laravel user. As Laravel employee #1, there's not many people out there I'd trust to teach me framework best practices more than him."

β€” Adam Wathan

"Having finished the book, I’m walking away with a solid understanding of Laravel Queues, and I would recommend it without hesitation! Great job, Mohamed!"

β€” Zuzana Kunckova

"Laravel Queues in Action is a goldmine of little improvements to make to your queues. It’s gonna improve our processes and reliability just by implementing small changes he shares! I highly recommend the book!."

β€” Matt Pritchett

"Really loved reading and applying Laravel Queues in Action for the last 2 weeks. It is definitely a must-read for anyone who wants to build and manage a large application with complex queues."

β€” Kelvin Macharia

"If you haven't already brought a copy, what are you waiting for? It's packed full of practical, real-world examples, not just theory. I'm only 2/3's through and it's taken me a while to get this far, but I've picked up some useful tips!"

β€” George Buckingham

"The examples from the book are πŸ”₯ Almost all of them are features that could be found in nearly any application, and they've been distilled down to only the parts that are immediately relevant."

β€” Tyler Smith

"I really recommend this ebook. I bought it when it launched - totally worth it, as queues can take your #Laravel performance to the next level."

β€” Placebo Domingo

"The course is impressive ! So much quality information. If you enjoy real world use cases like I do, it is a goldmine ! Also a nice touch, you get two versions of the course, light and dark mode."

β€” Jeremy Nikolic

" Only 39 pages into the "Laravel Queues in Action", but already got my moneys worth in insight on stuff that I didn't know (setting tries to 0 for unlimited retires, how queue priority works and a great explanation of how the backOff works), great work"

β€” Helge Sverre

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