Laravel Queues Are Powerful!

Learn how to utilize their power to make your applications faster and more reliable while reducing running costs.

"Laravel Queues in Action" is a crash course, a cookbook, a guide, and a reference. Get it now, or continue reading.

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Sure! This eBook is a collection of real-world challenges with solutions that actually run in production. These are challenges I met while building products at Laravel and others collected while supporting the framework users for the past four years.

But before the challenges—and because every good technical book includes a crash course—we will explore the key components of a queue system, see how queues are used in Laravel, and understand why we need to use them.

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I wrote this book with three goals in mind; I wanted it to be:

We studied differential equations in high school, but because we couldn't see any use case for them, they were forgotten minutes after the final exam, right? To fix that, I covered every queue configuration and technique by using it to solve a real-world problem.

I also show you the rough edges by hitting them. We'll sit in a flight simulator and let our plane crash before I explain why we crashed and how to avoid that.

Regarding the good looking part. You will get the book PDF in two versions; light and dark. I put a lot of effort into making both versions nice to look at. Because I believe a technical book doesn't have to look boring.

Mohamed has a deep knowledge of Laravel and all of its systems. He is a valued, trusted resource in the Laravel community.

Taylor Otwell — Creator of Laravel
“The easiest way to solve a problem is to have seen it before”
—Peter Skomoroch

Inside the book, I'm going to show you how you may solve problems like:

Here's a preview that contains the table of contents and three lessons from the book in two versions; light and dark. Download it by clicking here.

Ever since he started the Diving Laravel project, I've been impressed by Mohamed's ability to take complex ideas and distill them for the average Laravel user. As Laravel employee #1, there's not many people out there I'd trust to teach me framework best practices more than him.

Adam Wathan — Creator of Tailwind CSS

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You'll receive two versions of the PDF eBook. One in a light theme and another in a dark theme.

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👋 Hello There!

I'm Mohamed Said.

I've spent the past 4 years working on high-traffic apps such as Forge, Envoyer, and lately Vapor. These apps rely heavily on queued jobs to function.

During this time, I've been sharing interesting things I learn on my Diving Laravel publication. And in this book, I've put everything I learned about Laravel queues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this book useful for beginners?

Absolutely! The book covers everything from running a single worker on your local machine to dispatching millions of jobs processed by hundreds of workers.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Sure! Choose the "PayPal" option during checkout.

Can I get an invoice?

Yes! After purchasing the book, Paddle, the payment provider, will send you an email with the invoice.

I have more questions!

Sure! Send me an email on [email protected]. Or tweet.

What I especially appreciated is how Mohamed defines the technical terms used in the book using simple words and avoiding overcomplicated technical terminology. In fact, the whole book is very accessible because of the language Mohamed uses. Having finished the book, I’m walking away with a solid understanding of Laravel Queues, and I would recommend it without hesitation! Great job, Mohamed!

Zuzana Kunckova — Creator of Larabelles